Product Expiration Policy

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Expiration Policy: An unopened bottle stored according to SEASTAR™’s product integrity guidelines1, within the expiry period, is guaranteed to maintain the maximum specification of the product. SEASTAR™’s product expiration date is included on its labels and certifications. Do not use this product once the expiration date is reached. The expiration date defines both the end of the product shelf life2 and its certification. The expiration date is conditional; products must be stored and transported according to SEASTAR™’s Product Integrity Guidelines1.

Plastic bottles should be inspected regularly, specifically HDPE bottles, for any evidence of change to the plastic bottle’s ability to deform. The ability to deform is defined by its ductility/plasticity/malleability/embrittlement, or hardening/compressibility. If any change is noticed, carefully and safely transfer or dispose of the product according to your safe handling practices and procedures. Any product disposal must be done according to applicable regulations governing the disposal of the hazardous product.

Container (bottle) Products Expiration Period
HDPE3 IQ Nitric Acid 2 year
HDPE3 IQ Products except IQ Nitric Acid  3 year
HDPE or LDPE All except Nitric Acid  3 year
Fluoropolymer (FEP or PFA) All  3 year
Glass (Coated and non Coated) All  3 year

Factors or considerations included in SEASTAR™’s Product Expiration Date: the product stability or integrity and storage container (bottle) material.

Product integrity: is defined by its specification. To ensure the product integrity is maintained, follow the Product Integrity Guidelines below.


1SEASTAR™’s Product Integrity Guidelines: SEASTAR™ products, when unopened and sealed, maintain the certified integrity, and product quality, for their stated certification period under the following conditions:

  • Store or transport at room temperature, maximum range 15ºC (59ºF) to 25ºC (77ºF).
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light sources.
  • Open in a ‘particle free’ environment. SEASTAR™ recommends a HEPA or ULPA particle filtered trace metal clean room.
    1. Instrument Quality (IQ) products should be used in a minimum of Class 1000 or ISO 6 clean room conditions.
    2. BASELINE products should be used in a minimum of Class 100 or ISO 5 clean room conditions.
    3. Once the product has been opened and is being used in the lab, the integrity of the product can be maintained by following standard trace metal clean room contamination control procedures.

2Shelf life: A product shelf life is defined as the valid period unopened product can be used, providing it has been transported and stored according to the guidelines above.

3HDPE: The HDPE bottles used for SEASTAR™ Instrument Quality (IQ) products, specifically IQ Nitric Acid (S010101), IQ Perchloric Acid (S010201), IQ Sulphuric Acid (S010301), IQ Hydrochloric Acid (S010401), IQ Acetic Acid (S010601), and IQ Ammonia Solution (S010701) use a specially manufactured High Density Polyethylene resin designed and tested to be resistant to nitric acid. The resin has been chemically modified before being molded to form the bottle.


SEASTAR CHEMICALS ULC shall not be liable for and no warranty will extend to any products that are abused, altered or misused by Customer or any other persons or entities or that become defective or non-conforming through the actions or inaction of Customer or any other persons or entities, including, without limitation, products that are not stored in accordance with the handling instructions contained herein. SEASTAR CHEMICALS ULC HEREBY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, CONDITIONS, OR GUARANTEES, WHETHER STATUTORY, WRITTEN, ORAL, EXPRESS, OR IMPLIED INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, NON-INFRINGEMENT, SUITABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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