Product Storage

SAFETY: PRIOR to opening or storing this product be sure to consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Section 7 Handling and Storage to ensure safe storage and handling with regards to this  hazardous material. This information must be understood prior to its use or storage.

Be sure to note ALL Incompatibilities of all the products stored together.

A chemical inventory should be maintained noting all stored items, dates of production, any special storage requirements, all incompatible materials with each material stored together to ensure materials that are incompatible are NOT stored together.

Copies of your chemical inventory should be forwarded to your Emergency Response Personnel. This should be part of your Emergency Response Plan and regularly maintained. Remove any unnecessary chemicals from your inventory. NOTE: It is very important to ensure all hazardous materials are disposed of properly.

In the event of fire or spill, knowledge of all of the chemicals, amounts and where they are stored saves your Emergency Response Team valuable time and effort in their initial risk assessment. Copies of the SDS(s) should be kept with this Chemical Inventory and Emergency Response Plan.

We hope you never have to implement your Emergency Response Plan. If you have been diligent and keep a well organized lab: in the event of a spill or a fire, it may save your life and those you work with.