Trace Metal Analysis Products

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Acids & Base | SEASTAR™ presently provides: Nitric, Perchloric, Sulphuric (Sulfuric), Hydrochloric, Hydrofluoric, Hydrobromic, and Acetic acids; aqueous Ammonia (Ammonium hydroxide solution); ultra-pure Water; and Hydrogen peroxide. Two purity levels are available: SEASTAR™ Instrument Quality and SEASTAR™ BASELINE®.

Acid Dispensers | SEASTAR™ has spent several years developing a way to dispense high purity acids safely without contamination. Our focus has been on the traditional bottle-top pump type dispenser. SEASTAR™’s Bottle-Top Dispensers were developed to combine the convenience of a traditional pump dispenser with the chemical compatibility and high purity afforded by Fluoropolymers. Two models are available: SEASTAR™ BASELINE® and SEASTAR™ HF Bottle-Top Dispensers. Both are compatible with Hydrofluoric Acid (HF).

Fluoropolymer Bottles | BASELINE® High Purity Fluoropolymer bottles specially manufactured, by NALGE NUNC INTERNATIONAL, to SEASTAR™ specifications are also available. These bottles are pre-cleaned by SEASTAR™ to remove leachable metals, packaged in a clean room environment and ready for immediate use in your most demanding trace metal applications.

Custom Orders | SEASTAR™ is able to produce blends and variable concentrations of all products. These blends can be packaged in a variety of container sizes, from 125mL up to drum quantities. A range of container materials is also available. Please inquire about minimum order quantities.

Services | SEASTAR™ is continuing to look for methods to assist laboratories or facilities in their trace metal analytical applications and corrosive liquid handling requirements. For examples, please refer to our Services page.