Our Company

SEASTAR CHEMICALS is a manufacturer of high purity reagents used in the global research and laboratory markets. We are recognized as global experts in Ultra Pure Acid and Base manufacturing as well as leaders in the area of Trace Metal Analysis.

SEASTAR™’s dedication to quality is reflected in two distinct product grades; Instrument Quality (IQ) is best suited for the analysis of samples with elements in the sub ppb level. BASELINE® is SEASTAR™’s premium product grade. This product grade is packaged in specially manufactured and cleaned Fluoropolymer bottles (BASELINE® High Purity Fluoropolymer Bottles) with element specifications in the low ppt levels.

Note: both SEASTAR™’s BASELINE® Ammonia Solution and BASELINE® Water do not require the chemical resistance provided by Fluoropolymers and are packaged in specially cleaned polyethylene bottles.

Please check our specifications to determine which products are best suited to meet your requirements. SEASTAR™ is able to produce blends and variable concentrations of all products. Please inquire about custom orders.

SEASTAR™’s combination of experienced personnel and specialized laboratory facilities provide the testing and R&D capabilities to support SEASTAR™’s high purity product range. These analytical capabilities are available as a service to our customers who are experiencing problems in their trace metal analysis.

SEASTAR™’s Purpose:
Our products enable better analytical outcomes and superior product performance

SEASTAR™’s Vision:
To supply chosen markets

SEASTAR™’s Core Values: